I’ve had such a hard time posting this month, I guess mostly because there’s been so little going on.

It’s snowing this morning, and last night was a howling windy snowstorm, after a couple of days of rain and thunderstorms and hail and tornados. Weird winter weather.

This afternoon, I’ve given myself two assignments: put together my seed and potato order for our group order at Fedco, and work on a design to replace our current barn, which is coming apart in all this wind. It’s been falling apart since before we moved in, and is too rotten to save, so it’s time to figure out how we want to replace it.

It’s actually refreshing to have a snowy day—though tonight’s 13 windy degrees isn’t sounding that great!

It rained hard all day, but then suddenly the temperature dropped a billion degrees, and it’s now snowing like hell. The sheep don’t care, but we locked them in the barn anyway, along with everybody else.

We are a little dry right now—nothing like, say, Texas; just a little dry. So we’re really looking forward to next week, which promises a few days and a few inches of rain, along with a serious cool-down—thanks, Lee!

One of the reasons I find it so hard to put in a fall garden is because this time of year the soil is always so dry, and watering just isn’t an option with our little spring. So a good rain is welcome relief—my plan is to plant spinach, lettuce and a few other things before it begins.

Hail! Yay!

These 4:30 am wakeups are getting old! For some reason we are catching a line of early morning storms lately, and once up, I’m up. There’s a little stress involved, since ED has sheep, cows and horses out on mountainside pasture, and we’ve heard two reports of people in the county losing sheep to lightening strikes. We graze only at night during the summer—they spend their days ruminating quietly in the barn away from the heat and flies.

So far (knock wood) we haven’t lost a modem this year—we try really hard to make sure it’s unplugged when the storms are close or particularly electrical. We did lose the cordless phone last week, though, which included our answering machine. So if you call, and it just rings and rings—you know why!

We’ve had some serious storms the last couple of days. The garden washed a little, so I spent some time today digging channels—I’d rather not HAVE to do it, but since I do, it’s kind of fun playing engineer.

This picture is from yesterday morning. Today it’s too funky for taking pictures—there’s a gloppy wet snow sort of galumphing out of the sky. Last night we were all awake off and on all night because of the crazy storms.