I’ve had such a hard time posting this month, I guess mostly because there’s been so little going on.

It’s snowing this morning, and last night was a howling windy snowstorm, after a couple of days of rain and thunderstorms and hail and tornados. Weird winter weather.

This afternoon, I’ve given myself two assignments: put together my seed and potato order for our group order at Fedco, and work on a design to replace our current barn, which is coming apart in all this wind. It’s been falling apart since before we moved in, and is too rotten to save, so it’s time to figure out how we want to replace it.

It’s actually refreshing to have a snowy day—though tonight’s 13 windy degrees isn’t sounding that great!

There was just enough snow to (mostly) cover the ground when we got up this morning. Most of it was gone by lunchtime, except on the north-sloping hillsides, where it hung around all day and made it seem colder than it really was. It did look awfully pretty under that big rising moon tonight, though.

It rained hard all day, but then suddenly the temperature dropped a billion degrees, and it’s now snowing like hell. The sheep don’t care, but we locked them in the barn anyway, along with everybody else.

Yesterday it snowed all day, never really accumulating much because of the warm ground, instead creating a cold, mucky mess. Suddenly it’s winter and I feel a need to either hibernate (in bed with a book and the covers pulled over my head) or migrate.  I’m not quite feeling the coziness yet…

We had snow flurries and sleet this morning. Mixed with rain. It was a funky morning!


The sun is out today, and the glare from the snow is blinding, even in the house! I am so glad to see the sun—yesterday was long and dark and snowy, and a bad case of cabin fever caused DH and I to argue all day. He and Bernard have gone to town today, and I’m cleaning house while ED knits. It’s very peaceful. DH is a very bored and restless presence during times of being stuck in the house; the rest of us can settle—even, to some degree, the border collies—but he has a hard time.

I’ve placed the first seed order of the year. DH has been out of work, so money is in short supply, but as the money comes in, I’ll be ordering more seeds, potatoes, ducklings, and chicks. We’re also talking about the possibility of rabbits, but we’ll see.

OK, time to finish cleaning the kitchen and have a cup of oolong tea. And give thanks for sunshine!

Our friend and neighbor T* got this shot of the girls this morning as they were bringing the horses home across her pasture in a blizzard. Isn’t that a great photo?