They’re very silly—I didn’t put any of the huge tongue-swipe pictures, because they were a little gross. ED had a sore face that evening!

Ben is a very enthusiastic catcher of frisbees. Actually it would be more accurate to say he’s a very enthusiastic jumper for frisbees—catching them is secondary to leaping for them.

I put a chicken-roasting pan on the floor for Split to lick the grease out of, and when she was done she got in the pan, I think to keep Ben from getting it. She looks a little embarrassed, doesn’t she?

Wordle: Moonmeadow Farm

I woke up with cabin fever this morning. Instead of going on a rampage, I went and found this cute little thing. You can do one, too!

Can you tell they're related?

We’ve had a couple of cousins up to visit from the Piedmont this week, and it has been so much fun! I asked them to be honest with me and tell me if they came voluntarily or as punishment for some heinous deed. They diplomatically said it was somewhere in between those two extremes. We’ve tried to take it fairly easy on them, but the lack of air conditioning might be what finally does them in—that or the lack of high-speed internet!

  1. Dixie, our pig, smells like maple syrup, particularly when she’s excited about food. The scent is very strong, and if you pet her when she smells like that, you’ll smell like that, too. It’s very nice—sort of like Log Cabin fake maple syrup. I looked it up online, and others have had maple syrup-scented pigs, too.
  2. There’s a blue jay that perches in a tree over the bird feeder and makes sounds like a hawk. All the other birds fly off in a fright, and the jay comes down and enjoys the feeder all by him-or-her-self.