We’ve been buying goat milk from a neighbor so that I can make goat cheeses in addition to the cow and sheep milk cheeses I’m able to make with the milk from the farm. Isn’t this a gorgeous picture of the two milks? Those are five-gallon cans, just to give you an idea of the amount of milk we’re processing in the kitchen right now!

So far I have a batch of goat milk Chaource, and a goat/cow Tomme. Have I mentioned how much fun I’m having making cheese?

So far, we’re at 75% ewes—not bad!



Two ewes lambed yesterday morning—one ewe is white, the other is black. Check out how much their lambs look alike!

Lamb #1—Santana’s Lamb:



And Lamb #2—Brittany’s lamb:





Lambing has begun. This little guy looks a lot like his older brother, don’t you think?

I guess we’ll always refer to them as ‘the puppies’. They’re huge, but they mature so much slower than the BCs!

ED sheared, carded, spun, and knitted for the last year to make a sweater for Bernard, and here it is:

A back view, and a picture of Talia, who so graciously donated the wool: