Maeby is due to calve next month sometime. She’s so healthy and pretty—we’re really excited to milk her and see her calf. We are wishing, just a little, that she wasn’t bred to a Dexter—they’re just not the nicest looking cows, and unfortunately the Jersey/Dexter cross calves seem to resemble the Dexters more than the Jerseys. Oh well—maybe we’ll find a Jersey bull for her next breeding.


I love planting pansies in the fall—they provide a welcome touch of color all winter, and then become glorious in the spring!

We LOVE this variety! They’re bright red on the inside, too, and have a great flavor and a fluffy texture. They’re produced on the prettiest potato plant I’ve ever seen, too. We’ll definitely grow these again next year. More potato updates to come…


You may remember me mentioning a Very Special Project that ED is working on. Well, this is the next stage of it—she’s been mixing dyes to get just the right shade of red. Dying over the grey wool gives a nice color with lots of depth, don’t you think?

I couldn’t resist—it was just too pretty in the morning light.

…as my neighbor insistently but charmingly calls them.