This seems a little early—here’s hoping a late freeze doesn’t kill all the flowers (and therefore the fruit)!

I love these mums—they have no trouble surviving winter here, and they are easy to spread around—I just pull up hunks of them in the spring and stick them in the ground where I want them to grow. And then in the fall, suddenly they’re everywhere!

We moved the pigs into some new pasture, where this volunteer was growing. ED harvested it fast, before they could get to it—isn’t it pretty?


This is a new nicotiana variety for me—‘Bella‘. It’s tall and very graceful, but unfortunately not nearly as fragrant as the standard ‘Jasmine tobacco’. It is lovely, though.

This Marrakesh four o’clock is plenty fragrant, however!

Isn’t he a good-looking fellow? He’s really growing well, especially as compared to this picture, and this one!