I walked up to the mailbox yesterday morning, and had to get a picture of these sassafras trees in the morning sun.

The zinnias in the garden have finally come into their own—as long as I keep rescuing them from the weeds!

Today I roasted these little beauties—Sungolds, Blondkopfchens, and Isis Candies—with a little olive oil and salt, and I’ll can them in a couple of small jars. They’ll be a treat this winter, I think!


I also canned regular old tomatoes in quarts, and I finally got around to canning the dulce de leche I made a few days ago, along with a batch of sweetened condensed milk. Now I’m making butter while warily eyeing the bowls of tomatoes and the massive zucchinis that are lurking in my kitchen.


Yesterday ED and I went over to Tennessee to pick up the lamb from the three sheep we dropped off last week. The meat is absolutely gorgeous—so deep red it’s nearly purple, and well marbled. This is exciting for us, as these fellows were totally grassfed—ED has been rotationally grazing, moving them daily—so we weren’t sure if the meat was going to be too lean for our tastes. It’s not—it’s perfect. Very, very mild and tender, too. ED is feeling a great deal of satisfaction, seeing the fruits of her labors, and I am just so happy to have a freezer full of lamb and pork for the winter. Actually more than one freezer—we had to plug in another one we haven’t been using to hold the legs and shanks.

These cooler mornings and less humid afternoons have me feeling so hopeful! And way more motivated, though I have this mild little cold that won’t go away, and that leaves me sort of wiped out by about two in the afternoon. So most of my motivation happens in the morning!



All our sunflowers this year are volunteers, most from feeding the birds or livestock, but this one from a mix I planted last year. I love the color, and the texture of the lower flower’s crinkled petals.