This seems a little early—here’s hoping a late freeze doesn’t kill all the flowers (and therefore the fruit)!

Spring is suddenly here. The peach trees are blooming, the daffodils are almost done, and I have so much to do that I keep procrastinating doing anything at all!

In January! This isn’t the first time, though—see this post from 2007.


It really has been a lovely fall and early winter. With this December reprieve, I almost think I can face the snow and cold ahead!

I’ve been planting tons of pansies—I got a lot on sale for very cheap. It’s so cheery in the winter during a mild spell to see a few bright flowers, but they really start to come into their own in late February and March. By April, they’re big colorful mounds, which can be a lifesaver in early spring!

DH and I worked outside for most of today, mainly cleaning up flower beds, doing a little rock work, and planting pansies (me), and firewood (him). It was reasonably warm and reasonably sunny, especially for early December, and it was so nice to be outside all day.


I bought some new solar lights for the ducks, and I also moved the chickens closer to the ducks and now they have a light, too. It remains to be seen if this will cause more eggs to be laid. These are much brighter lights, so here’s hoping!