These days our biggest chore is moving animals around. We are rotationally grazing cows, horses, chickens, and sheep. The cows and horses are grazing a neighbor’s field, and they’re pretty easy, requiring only a single strand of electric wire to contain them. They only graze at night, however, because the heat and bugs are too bad during the day. So they snooze in the cool barn all day, and go out on pasture in the evenings.

The cows’ milk is beautiful, bright yellow and very creamy. We are feeding them so little grain—just a 3 or 4 pound scoop of a mix of chicken scratch and dairy pellets per day. I think we’ll stop that by the end of the week, at least for Pearl, who thrives on forage. Their production has gone down a bit (I think we’re getting 4 or 5 gallons a day from Pearl) but both cows are gaining weight and looking beautiful, and who cares if there’s a little less milk when the input is almost nothing? And, really, the milk is just gorgeous.

The chickens are in a chicken tractor in the garden, and they have done an astonishing job of clearing the rampant weeds.¬† I really enjoy their company while I work out there digging beds and planting and mulching—whenever I turn up a worm I throw it to them, so they’re a very attentive audience! They’re very busy and content, and they’re laying well.

The sheep are getting rotated around our pasture in their new electro-net pen. They are also putting on weight, even the ewes with lambs. The rams and wethers¬† look great—time to butcher those wethers soon! I don’t quite have my technique down for moving them—I fall down a lot—but I’m getting better! And the pasture is so dramatically improved this year—already!

I am the most boring person on earth right now. All I want to talk about is grass. I sure have a lot of tolerant friends!