ED sheared, carded, spun, and knitted for the last year to make a sweater for Bernard, and here it is:

A back view, and a picture of Talia, who so graciously donated the wool:


DH brought home a bunch of glass candle holders from Goodwill last week. He thought he had a plan for them, but I was able to talk him out of that silly idea and commandeer them for my own project, which involved a can of Krylon Looking Glass spray paint that I’ve been carrying around for the last couple of weeks, just looking for something to paint. Bernard and I found the glass Christmas tree and the tarnished silver platter at a junk store, and suddenly my project had fallen into place. The pictures aren’t the greatest—my camera really balked at the lighting issues.


You may remember me mentioning a Very Special Project that ED is working on. Well, this is the next stage of it—she’s been mixing dyes to get just the right shade of red. Dying over the grey wool gives a nice color with lots of depth, don’t you think?

ED has been working on a Very Special Project. This wool is from her Cotswold/Lincoln crosses, and you might not be able to tell so well from this picture, but there are two distinct colors here—one lighter, and one darker. I can’t say anymore right now, but I’ll try to keep you posted about the Very Special Project.


ED has been working on a sweater since last winter. She has shorn the sheep, carded, spun and plied the wool, and knitted the sweater. She finished it last night. Isn’t it just beautiful?

This is a much nicer picture of ED’s home-grown, -sheared, -spun, and -dyed yarn. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

ED has been spinning and dying wool—this is some of her onion-skin-dyed yarn drying by the wood cookstove.