A friend stopped by today to talk hay and goats. Her husband travels around to dairies trimming cows’ hooves, and knows his way around dairy cows, so she drug him over here to bump Rosemary. Now first of all, I have to tell y’all I didn’t know nothin about bumping cows. I’m used to goats, who can be palpated, and I can do that! And from all my online reading, I had sort of deduced that that was what I was supposed to be doing. It isn’t. So anyway, he bumped her, and the bad news is….he couldn’t find a calf. Very big bummer. He did keep saying, however, that she sure looks pregnant; that her….cooter…looks like she’s pregnant, and that her belly looks pregnant, and she acts pregnant. But he couldn’t find a baby. DH says I can’t do anything until after the holidays are over, but then I think we’re going to look for either a bred or a milking cow. And a boyfriend for Rosemary, even if it’s just Stanley the Cow Inseminator.