Looks like we may have, if not a sunny day, at least a non-rainy one! We’ve had a bunch of DH’s family in town, and I think they may be leaving today, at which point I think we’ll have a “business meeting” and try to figure out what we’re doing, and where we should be putting our energy. One huge issue for us is goat shelter. The shed they’re in right now was originally a chicken house, and is entirely too small for the number of goats we have. Besides which, the floor fell through this winter, so it’s really sketchy down there. I’d also like to move our milking room off the front porch and into a little shed of some sort; we haven’t ever used this front porch as a front porch! I ran some ads today to try to sell half of the goats: kids, a couple of does, and our buck (we’re ready for new blood). DH and I are both leaning towards cows, though I love goat’s milk cheeses, and the girls (particularly my older one) really love the goats. So maybe a small herd of goats, and a couple of Jerseys. We have a Jersey now, but I haven’t been able to find a bull to breed her to—looks like I may be learning AI! We are most interested in miniature Jerseys, also known as Rabbit-eye, Lessor,or Guinea Jerseys. They are supposed to be closer to the original Jersey, as opposed to the more modern cows that have been bred for size and production. The minis are much smaller and yet still give 2 to 5 gallons of milk a day, and from what I’ve read cost a lot less to feed and maintain, and can easily be grass fed only. Our cow, Rosemary, is a small cow, though not a mini, so I’m thinking about buying semen from a mini bull and AI’ing her. Which I’ve never done before, so this should be interesting. Here are some links:

  • History of
    Guinea Jerseys
  • Mini Jerseys by Dexter

    One advantage for us of cows over goats is that the goats really suffer in wet weather—they seem so fragile; cows don’t mind the wet, and, at least in our climate, have minimal shelter needs. And they can produce significant milk on grass only, unlike the goats.

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