I love this time of year, even though I feel so busy I don’t know if I’m coming or going!

Lambing is all done for the year—now just have to finish up with the castrating and tail-docking chores.

Two more does are due to kid this month. We’ve culled a big chunk of our herd—none of us are loving the offspring of our last buck. (We are, however, nuts about the offspring of our current buck!) So we are down to three does milking, with these two more due to kid soon, both of whom are looking like keepers.

Maude is as sweet and mischievous as ever, and giving us two and a half to three gallons of very rich and very yellow milk a day. She’s due (I hope) to calve on 22 August. I’d like to get a vet out to check her—I don’t want to start drying her up if we’re not sure she’s bred!

The pigs are growing well. They’re staying pretty lean without the high grain input, but are healthy and growing. Soon I’m going to start letting them go out in the pasture—right after they’re finished with some garden tilling duties.

We have a coop full of chicks in the front yard, along with the goat kids. It feels like a day care, and when you open the front door, everybody starts yelling for something!

Liath, the dog, is due to have puppies around the first of June. She has turned out to be a marvelous dog—hard-working, sweet natured, eager to please. She gets along amazingly well with all the other animals. That was one of the problems we’ve always had with Fionn, our male: he loved the goats, but hated all the other animals—particularly the cows and sheep. Liath and Maude are buddies—I watched them stroll around the pasture together this morning. And she has a strong desire to dismember strange dogs—just another little something I love about her.

The garden is looking beautiful. We’re eating a lot of salads and onions. The greenhouse is a lot of fun, and is full of tomatoes and peppers and eggplants and basil, and a whole lot more!

And last, but certainly not least, we had a delightful and exhausting visit from DH’s three grandsons early this week. They spent a couple of nights—one with their parents, one without!—and DH camped out in a tent in the yard with them. It was really a blast, and I’m almost recovered.