We love our cow. She is gentle and sweet-natured and playful—sometimes a little too playful! When I work on fences, she follows me around, sticking her nose in everything, and if I bend over she—ever so gently—bites me on the butt (and is delighted by my reaction). We’re getting around three gallons of milk a day, and nearly a quarter of that is cream. I’ve been making butter—so good!—and we’ve all decided we love real buttermilk.

The goats, on the other hand, are such a pain! The reason I’ve been out working on fences with the cow is because the goats are determined to get out right now. They’re not particularly deterred by the powerful electric fence that terrifies everybody else, and it doesn’t matter how much hay they’re given—as soon as they’re released from the barn, they run straight to the fence and work it with single-minded focus until they find a way through, over or under it. So I think we’re looking at doing a little more aggressive culling of the goats this spring after everybody freshens. We’ll keep a small milking herd—so I can at least make feta!—but be extra selective, keeping only the does we really like.

And we’re looking for another cow.