This afternoon we’re going to Old Fort to buy a few Muscovies. We brought three with us when we moved, but the coyotes got our drake, so our ducks sat on very well hidden nests all summer, without anything to show for it, poor girls. I think we’ll probably get eight or so tonight—a couple or three drakes, and the rest ducks.

I think I’ve found a beau for Rosemary. My neighbor has a friend with a Jersey/Guernsey cross bull, and he’s offered to trailer Rosemary over there for me. I’m going to try to arrange to take her over on the 8th or 9th of February and leave her there, though I don’t think her heat is due until the 10th; I’d really like to catch it. A dairy bull!

And in other news, it’s about time to eat the two rams. They’ve finally started putting a bit of weight on, and it’s silly to keep feeding them in the winter. The ewes are obese, on nothing but hay!