I’m delighted to see the grass and clover greening up. So are the animals!


I love planting pansies in the fall—they provide a welcome touch of color all winter, and then become glorious in the spring!

These are supposed to be edible if the pods are eaten young. I haven’t tried them—I grow them just because they’re beautiful. I love flowers, even though they have no practical value—they’re in the same category as music or poetry for me. Unfortunately I would generally much rather mess around with my ornamentals than with the much more useful vegetables.

I walked up to the mailbox yesterday morning, and had to get a picture of these sassafras trees in the morning sun.


You may remember me mentioning a Very Special Project that ED is working on. Well, this is the next stage of it—she’s been mixing dyes to get just the right shade of red. Dying over the grey wool gives a nice color with lots of depth, don’t you think?

I love these mums—they have no trouble surviving winter here, and they are easy to spread around—I just pull up hunks of them in the spring and stick them in the ground where I want them to grow. And then in the fall, suddenly they’re everywhere!