We all love basking this time of year!

ED saved this little wren from the maws of Loverboy (aka Mr. Gorgeous, The Black Panther, or Stupidhead). It seems to have had a deformed leg, which would explain why Loverboy (aka Mr. Ineffectual) was able to catch it. It had no noticeable wounds and took right off when ED released it. Such a tiny little bird!

It has been deliciously cool all week, especially in the mornings—so cool, in fact that we’ve had a (very small) fire a couple of times already. And no, we haven’t closed any windows, which makes it just a tiny bit less embarrassing.


Pumpkin is so delighted whenever ED shears, especially if ED forgets to put her wool inside!

We’re all enjoying the firewood these chilly days!

We have been focusing lately on gearing down for the winter. Last winter was so hard and stressful, that we’ve been making some tough decisions about animals for this year. Right now our livestock list goeas something like this:

  • 3 horses: Shine, Marlene and Winter
  • 3 cows: Maude, Pearl and Maeby
  • 3 pigs: Bill, Dixie and Beowulf
  • 12 sheep: 9 ewes and 3 wethers
  • 4 geese
  • 4 dogs: Split, Ben, Joon, and Ralfy the Ancient Beagle
  • Chickens: 7 laying hens, and a rooster (in a chicken tractor) and 3 bantams running free
  • 4 cats

So the plan is to reduce the number of big hay-eaters, and anybody else who might be a source of stress this winter.

Maude is going to live with our friends in Damascus, Va, where she will be a pampered only cow. Shine is going to live with her former owner in Boone, NC, where she will be giving rides to disadvantaged kids, which is perfect for her. Bill the pig and the 3 wethers are all going in the freezer, along with the chickens in the chicken tractor, who have frustratingly been eating their eggs.

This is sounding much more do-able!

Notice the pawprints!