The first lilac flower opened this morning, the pansies are beautiful, and the dogwoods are in full bloom. It’s a lovely, lovely spring—if anything it’s been too warm for our winter-sluggish bodies!

Suddenly it’s not early anymore—I’m feeling a little stress starting to build—it’s really time to get the garden in! All I want to do is play with the flowers, though.

I got two boxes of potatoes from Tom Wagner last week. In those two boxes, I think I counted 48 different varieties—in some cases there was only one nickel-sized potato of a particular variety! I’m very excited about those.

Speaking of lots of varieties, I started 19 different varieties of tomatoes last week, instead of my usual 4 or 5. I’ve cut back on peppers, though, and if I grow eggplant at all, it will be from plants I buy. The greenhouse is delightful right now!


Last night we had the kind of supper that comes from being stuck in the house all day, and bored enough to want to really play in the kitchen. From Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking I made Fondue de Poulet a la Creme, which was basically chicken cooked in wine and heavy cream with onions. It was exquisite. I also made risotto, using chicken stock and white wine instead of beef stock and red wine, and it, too, was wonderful. And these roasted root vegetables (the picture is before roasting). The purple chunks are sweet potatoes, the white are rutabagas, the golden yellow ones are beets, and the orange ones are our red kuri squash. There’s also lemon thyme, garlic, olive oil and meyer lemon juice. And salt, of course. They were so good!

Bernard made meyer lemon sherbet for dessert—it really was a perfect meal.

I had no idea the kitchen window was quite this dirty until I looked at this picture!

The snow is shrinking, evidently melting from below. It’s supposed to be 55° this weekend with rain, so I suppose we’ll be rid of it then. It has been pretty, though—all 14+ inches of it!

Just reminding myself that winter can be beautiful…

This is the first nearly-open bloom on the morning glories this year. They made the most amazing vines—a huge, lush hedge on the garden fence—but they’ve only just now gotten around to flowers. Tonight’s forecast calls for patchy light frost. Will the first bud of the season open into a flower? Or will it be blackened into a melted, shapeless mass by the onslaught of incipient winter? Tune in tomorrow…

Today ED has decided to try her hand at making a blueberry pie. I knew this day would come!