A friend is coming over to buy two sheep today, and I think we’ll be done selling animals, at least until the goats kid next month. The rest of the sheep are getting penned up and fed hay for a couple of months, to let the pasture recover and so they’ll put on weight. And ED and I will finish shearing—they all look really silly right now since we sheared only their backs for the good wool!

Here’s one more lamb picture—I couldn’t resist, it was just so darn cute!

Hallie had a single ewe lamb today—isn’t she adorable?

So the really weak lamb died yesterday afternoon, but the other is doing fine, following his momma all around the yard. The next time it’s not pouring rain, ED and I are going to do an assessment of the flock—this birth caught us completely unaware. We’ll see who all is pregnant and who needs worming, and who could use some supplemental feeding. We’re also going to sell a handful of ewes, as ED would like to have fewer white sheep, and more colorful sheep. Then perhaps we can pen the remainder of the flock so they don’t spend all their time walking the pasture looking for that one elusive blade of grass, and instead settle down and eat their hay and keep a little more weight on.

It’s been a bad winter for worms—lots of warm wet periods. We never even consider worming anybody in the winter most years!

Yesterday we discovered two new little ram lambs. I think they’d been born in the early morning hours, and we didn’t find them until lunchtime—they were pretty weak, and covered in mud. Our neighbor T* and a friend heard them yelling in the greenhouse where I’d stashed them after helping them the first time, and staged a rescue mission, causing them to be brought into the house, bottlefed a hearty meal of colostrum, and helped to stand up. This morning, one of them is up and about just fine—the other has weak, bent legs. We’re going to splint his legs and see how he does.

Let me just say, neighbors are pretty much the best investment you can make. T* heard the lambs from her barn across the street, and, while they weren’t in any danger, they very well could have been, and her quick action might’ve been what saved them! Of course, I don’t know how to tell you to invest for good neighbors—if I’m honest I have to admit we’ve just been extremely lucky!

There is a really fun (and funny) contest going on over at the LATOC forum—for the cutest animal pictures. There are some great pictures, and the competition is getting fierce!

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Fifty Cornish cross pullets for putting in the freezer, and twenty layers: five each of Welsummers, Marans, Americaunas, and standard Buff Brahmas. I ordered these from Welp Hatchery, and will definitely use them again.

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